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I'm so glad that I was blessed with the gift of discernment.  It is VERY rare that you find someone's interior self that matches their exterior appearance.  I have always been able to immediately see what someone's intentions were whether I decided to play along or walk the other way.  Strength and prosperity is knowing that your long term will be bright even though you may be criticized for "peeping game" and choosing not to be apart of the dark clouds of BS.  Don't judge with opinion, but for the things you can use to better yourself.  Even if that means seeing what you don't want to become in someone or who you don't want to be with or around.  There are soo many sheep in the valley that howl at the moon when the sun goes down.  Opportunistic imposters who wait to attack and feed their uncontrollable urges.  Many may pass you by because they don't see your value in the state you are in now.  And some want you only for what you achieve and not what you believe.  But WAIT! Time passes, beauty fades and the core of who you are will remain the same.  Strong, progressive and bright!  That's when you shine on them.  Not to blind them by your light ... but to guide them knowing you were right!

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