Fear is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real!  And when it comes to having a business mind, you can't be fearful of the unknown.  What happens when you step out on FAITH is ... you know that you are covered by that faith and all things can and will be accomplished.  You are blazing the trail for those that will come behind you.  This does not mean that you will not be able to stop along the trail and smell the roses … it means that you will be fertilizing the path where those that come behind you will get to walk through gardens filled with rose bushes and trees with sturdy roots.  What was just a rose for you will be a garden of roses for them!
Fear will cause us to second guess our thoughts.  Thoughts that we know and believe in, but sacrifice them because we listened to someone who is more fearful than us.  See, when you prepare yourself for success, fear doesn’t have a place to prosper or grow.  Success will run through your veins!  Have you ever come across someone who it seems that everything they touch turns to gold?  Well these are people who have mapped out their destiny and prepared themselves to receive that level of success and the rewards they deserve.  How nice would it be to work in an industry where you are rewarded for your effort and not for your skill?  But you would still find that soo many are fearful of the effort that is required to be successful.
We can’t allow fear to take the keys and drive the vehicles that we were given to navigate through life.  We must strap that seat belt tight and have faith that the vehicle will take us safely to our wanted destination.  If that destination is a place of success, you will get there.  If that destination is a place of doubt, trust and believe that you will make and take every detour to reach that destination as well!
One of the first steps to overcoming fear is to realize and understand your purpose.  Why do you exist?  What is it that you were meant to do?  What is your talent, your skill, your passion and what effort are you willing to put towards the things you want in life?  If there was no cost or reservations to doing anything that you wanted to do most in life … what would it be?  Then ask yourself, why aren’t you doing that and what level of effort would it take to get you there?  Your purpose will drive you to being successful and your fear will not stand a chance to what you have affirmed as your “why”.
Secondly, remind yourself that what you do now, will have an impact on what will be either achieved or underachieved later.  You are always a part of something bigger!  If you do the right things now and help the people around you, there is no limit to the things you can achieve and the people that will help you get there.  When you remove the false evidence and replace it with truth, there is no reason to ever fear anything.  Each fearful thought will become a strategic decision of whether or not you WANT to take on that challenge. 
Most of us feared the dark as children, until we strategically decided to dart across the room and turn the light on.  Once we did, our fears went away.  As we looked back across the room, we vividly saw or obstacles and our path.  Today, I implore you to TURN ON THE LIGHT and “flip the switch” to overcoming your fears!
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