Sunday Reflection - What is Love? The Unicorn Myth

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Can anyone tell me what love looks like?  There is no real answer to this question because it will differ in each individual’s eyes.  Love represents a feeling housed within the person who is feeling the emotion.  Until we understand this, we will continue to view Love as this mystical Unicorn that doesn’t really exist.  Once we build this Unicorn in our head, we spend our lives searching for it.  Some will wait and wait and others will chase and chase, but never research and study ourselves enough to prepare ourselves for the catch.  Although a Unicorn (Love) may resemble something that we’ve seen before … do we know what it likes?  Do we know how to care for it?  What it eats, what it drinks, what type of environment is ideal for it to live in in order to be happy?  And if we catch it or it stumbles upon us … will we know how to hop on and ride it off into the sunset? 

We often times create an image of what we think Love is and if we don’t encounter the exact image, we don’t accept it because it doesn’t meet our criteria.  It doesn’t have a flowing mane made from the rainbow, or long enough tail, muscular thighs, powerful chest … and most importantly … the one thing that makes it Love, I mean a Unicorn … the horn!  So, we become rigid in our quest to find this “horn” thinking that it is the one thing that represents LOVE. 

Self-reflection may not show you what Love is, but it will quickly show you what Love isn’t.  It will also allow you to see what the byproducts of love can produce … the “How to care for a Unicorn” toolkit.  Love should not be confused with what you aren’t receiving right now.  Love is NOT Gucci shoes, watches, gifts, trips around the world or a mane made from the rainbow.  Love can be demonstrated, but it cannot be seen, only perceived.  And that perception of Love comes from the “How to care for a Unicorn” toolkit that came along with your Unicorn.  When you focus on caring and sharing with one another, the definition of love will become more and more apparent.  When you have allowed yourself to experience the “How Tos”, the foundation of Love will become a distinct feeling inside of you.  You can spot it, you can feel it, you can now SEE it.  And from there, your depiction of Love in others is different.  Your value in the acceptance of gifts is different because they represent something far more powerful now.  Once you’re able to make your love real, there is no need for the mane, the horn or all the mystical characteristics that came before.  When you have your “Unicorn” within your grasps, you still need to study, research and experience situations that give you the answers to the What, Why and How to care for your Unicorn questions.  The answers will change over time, but love will motivate you to ace the test.  It is then that you will be able to answer with complete affirmation, the question of … What Is Love? 

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